Friday, September 09, 2016

Fri 9/9 - B day

All students:
Please fill out this short activity survey right away when you come to class

Period 1 - Join google classroom with code bufqm
Period 2B - Join google classroom with code k8kv36
Period 3 - Join google classroom with code q01bf
Period 5 - Join google classroom with code q8qtwus
Period 7B - Join google classroom with code ds17o8

Once you've joined google classroom, please do the iCREATE assignment

7B Day Students: Pick up your pictures on the table by the door

Integrated science B day students please view the paper tower challenge

B Day students:  

When you go to lunch, we are asking you to empty your trays in specific containers:

  • any liquid contents in the green barrel 
  • milk cartons in the red barrel
  • aluminum cans and plastic bottles in the blue receptacle
  • food waste can be dropped in the gray barrel

Integrated science period 1 students, please remember to bring your kleenex boxes to class.  Thanks!