Monday, October 19, 2015

9th Grade Chemistry
  • Learning Goal(s):  AS.6-9
  • What we did: 
    • Discussed Chadwick assignment on notebook p.47
    • Discussed tomorrow's test and had in-class work time on the review assignment on notebook p.48
  • Due today: Chadwick notes p.47
  • Due soon: 
    • Test on AS.6-9 tomorrow

7th Grade Life Science
  • Learning Goal(s): MA.1 
  • What we did: 
    • Glued in p.42
    • Finished atoms and compounds notes as needed
    • Did Marshmallow Compounds activity notebook p.42
  • Due today: N/A
  • Due soon: p.42 due tomorrow
    • Notebook wrap-up from today due next class period