Wednesday, November 05, 2014

7th Grade Life Science
  • What we did: 
    • Discussed edible cell project again (due tomorrow)
    • Briefly reviewed Cell Organelles Activity p.66
    • Finished notes p.67 as needed (see purple binder in class or online notebook if you were absent)
    • In-class work time on:
      • Cell diagrams p.68-69 (label all organelles)
      • Flash cards p.71 (put organelle function on back)
      • Cell Factory/School p.72 (complete writing assignment) 
        • if you were absent, choose one to do and glue in
  • Due today: N/A
  • Due soon: 
    • Edible cell project due tomorrow
    • p.66,68,69,71,72 all due next Monday