Thursday, September 25, 2014

7th Grade Life Science
  • What we did: 
    • Glued in p.198
      (have your table partner show you how to glue it in if you were absent)
    • Handed out Notebook Check #2 sheet
      (get a copy from the back of the assignment bin if you were absent)
    •  Homework stamp on RERUN conclusion (p.6) in pink experiment packet
      (see Mr. Weiger to get a stamp if you were absent)
    • Discussed RERUN conclusions from pink experiment packet
    • Glued pink experiment packet onto notebook p.34
    • Handed out next experiment packet (purple)
      (get one from assignment bin p.35 if you were absent)
    • In-class work time on purple packet p.1-4
  • Due today: RERUN conclusion (p.6) in pink experiment packet
  • Due soon: 
    • p.1-4 in purple packet due tomorrow
    • Notebook Check #2 tomorrow