Thursday, September 22, 2011

9th Grade Physical Science - Periods 1,3,6,7
  • What we did: 
    • Started the "Constant Velocity Particle Model" unit
    • Observed the motion of a battery powered car
    • Made a list of things about it that we could measure
    • Whittled down the list to two variables of concern (time & position)
    • Determined which variable would be the manipulated and which would be responding (manipulated = time, responding = position)
    • Started writing a lab procedure and making data tables with group members
    • See below for pictures of today's whiteboard, and how I copied them into my notebook
  • Due today: N/A
  • Due soon: N/A
9th Grade Physical Science - Period 2
  • What we did: 
    • Reviewed SS.1 quiz
    • discussed ways to improve your grade (see my Student Resources page)
    • Set up skills page on ISN p.17.  If you were absent from class, see my notebook to set yours up
  • Due today: N/A
  • Due soon:  N/A

 1st Whiteboard:

2nd Whiteboard

ISN p.18 Notes

ISN p.19 Notes

Combined p.18-19 notes