Tuesday, September 20, 2011

9th Grade Physical Science - Periods 1,3,6,7
  • What we did: 
    • Reviewed Unit Conversion quiz score
    • Did the Marshmallow Challenge (see below for pictures and connections)
    • Discussed how the Marshmallow Challenge relates to science class
  • Due today: N/A
  • Due soon: N/A
9th Grade Physical Science - Period 2
  • What we did: 
    • Notebook check - ISN p.16
    • Unit conversion and metric prefixes quiz
  • Due today: Notebook check ISN p.16
  • Due soon: N/A

    Action shots throughout the day:

    A few pictures of whiteboards made by various classes:

    So what's the take-away from the Marshmallow Challenge?

    • A good foundation is important:  studying, participating, making a good effort
    • The support structure needs to be good:  helping each other with difficulties, teamwork, doing homework assignments
    • Balance is important:  school, extra-curricular activities, homework, family time, social events, relaxing
    • Failure is not permanent:  if one approach doesn't work, try a a different way
    I will be referring to the marshmallow challenge as we continue throughout the year.  Keep working hard to make sure your marshmallow doesn't fall over!