Monday, March 28, 2011

9th Grade Physical Science
  • What we did: Moodle assignment in computer lab
Instructions for Moodle assignment:
Click on Moodle link on the left side of my web page
Log into Moodle using your Google Apps username/password (the one that is like 14Smithja)
Click to enlarge

You'll then have to agree to a terms of service agreement if you haven't used Moodle before
Once you do that, you'll need to scroll down to the science section ad choose Physical Science 9A
Next it will ask you for an "enrolment key".  Type in:  weiger
The assignments you need to do are the Forces Lesson and the Forces assignment - see below:
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Make sure that you follow the directions for each problem.
Words highlighted in blue can be clicked to show a definition.

  • Due today: Forces assignment 12.1B
  • Due soon: N/A