Thursday, January 28, 2010

9th Grade Physical Science
  • What we did:
    • Turned in Online Textbook assignment
    • Discussed and turned in "What is Science?" assignment
    • Addressed student answers to the question "How can Mr. Weiger help you do well in science?" from the grade goal assignment
    • Started scientific method notes
  • Due today:
    • Online Textbook assignment Q10-17
    • "What is Science?" assignment Q18-24
  • Due soon:
    • Textbook covered with paper grocery bag due tomorrow
    • Daily Participation Points policy (packet p.4) signed by parent due tomorrow
    • Safety checklist (packet p.6) signed by parent due tomorrow
    • Course overview statement signed by parent due tomorrow
    • Purchase a bound composition notebook due tomorrow
9th Grade Advanced Physical Science
  •  Same as above